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About Food Lovers

 The Company

Our innate love for food took us on a wonderful journey where we explored the different possibilities and tested the boundaries – coming up with our own recipes for our jams, preserves, pickles and even making our own cheese, cured meats, salted sardines, and mulled wine. Friends and family who were happy to receive (and consume) these as presents urged us to make these items available to the wider public. As people are becoming more aware and careful regarding what they consume - and what it is made of – we pride ourselves in choosing and using only the most fresh and best possible ingredients – we use no artificial flavors, additives or preservatives.
At the boutique you will find our products which will change according to seasonal availability, our ready meals that you can order and stock at home as well as any new items we produce

The Chef

Evagoras Hadjipavlou was born and raised in Cyprus where he discovered his culinary talent early on. He studied culinary arts in the United States, where he came into contact with different flavors, techniques and methods of preparing food. Bringing back all this knowledge he decided to start his own catering company in Cyprus in 2008.
Parallel to catering, Evagoras teaches culinary classes and spends a lot of his free time experimenting with food - coming up with new recipes. He shares his passion through the "E&A Range". 

The PR

Amalia Macris was born in Brussels, Belgium and grew up in Europe and the Middle East. Having lived and travelled in so many different countries and cultures and having been exposed to different flavors and cuisines from a very early age it made sense to put all these experiences to good use and share them.

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