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5 December 2017  


Steak Nights - Threshold #1


Hand Craft Rustic Baguette - Winter Root Vegetables


Sweet Corn & Caramelized Almonds soup with in-house Smoked Bacon


Wagyu Beef Baby Burger


 Rib Eye Boneless Uruguay Grain Fed 160gr

(Rosemary & Mustard Sous Vide)

Garden Herbs Baked New Potatoes - Baby Greens Salad

Bacon & Gorgonzola Butter - Salsa Verde



Bone in Prime Chuleta Spain 350gr (35 Days Dry Aged)

Potato au gratin - Red chard & Oyster Mushrooms

 Selections of Mustards



Beetroot & Raspberry Sorbet, Mango Couli 




Cowboy Steak Grain Fed USDA Prime Nebraska 350gr

(Cold Smoke with Winter Savory)

Double French Fries - Roasted Portobello & Cherry Tomatoes

In House BBQ sauce & Bacon Jam



Café Gourmand   

                                                         Chef Evagoras Hadjipavlou


*Menu is based on 2 people sharing  - €50 per person     

*Reservation for 2 0r 4 people only

99 0123 07

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