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8 February 2018  

Τσικνοπέμπτη - la tradition moderne #2


Traditional “Daktilies” with fresh coriander


,Baby greens & “Arkatena” salad, topped with grilled Cyprus sausage & hallumi

balsamic honey dressing


Cold Smoke “Lountza” carpaccio, topped with kaskavali flakes

fig jam  &


Creamy “Augolemono” soup with Geranium aroma


Pourekia” with basturma & kaseri, served with basil tomato sauce“


Grilled honey mint lamb chops over baby cracked potatoes 

drizzled with cumin yogurt sauce


Crispy fried pigs ears with green olives dip


Grilled Pancetta with Carob syrup sauce, cous-cous croquettes

over sumac salad


Café Gourmand / Rose     

                                                         Chef Evagoras Hadjipavlou

*Menu is based on 2 people sharing  - €50 per person     

*Reservation for 2 0r 4 people only

99 0123 07

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