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14 February 2018  

Love is About Sharing #3


Pistachios & forest fruit bread


Peppery baby ruccola with apples & oranges, roasted walnuts topped with

crispy Parmesan, wild blueberries drizzled with homemade redcurrant dressing 


Beetroot & walnut falafel over spinach hummus sauce 


Salmon fillet served with mustard tarragon sauce on a bed of oyster mushrooms & red chard, served with creamy almond rice


Honey lavender duck breast, with aloo tikki potato, pan seared green beans

 oyster mushrooms, rose petal glaze sauce 


Double Chocolate & Nutella Mousse  


 Rose-Mastic Panna Cotta     

                                                         Chef Evagoras Hadjipavlou

*Menu is based on 2 people sharing  - €25 per person     

*Reservation @ 99 0123 07

Doors open @ 7:30


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